Airport transfers Falkirk

Falkirk is in an ideal position for  airport transfers to either Edinburgh or Glasgow, being located  right in the centre of Scotland. Airport transfers from Falkirk are fairly short journeys . Edinburgh Airport is about half an hour away from Falkirk by airport shuttle and Glasgow Airport is about an hour’s journey. Edinburgh Airport caused controversy recently with their drop-off charge. They charge £1 to drop off visitors in a designated area. There is also a free drop-off area which is some distance from the terminal building. A free shuttle bus operates to take passengers to the terminal.

One thought on “Airport transfers Falkirk

  1. Johnny

    Falkirk is not a very nice place, I have always found it full of posers and widos. The police are always in the town centre. The taxi rank is always full of drunks coming out of “Shitty” trying to start a fight


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