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Falkirk tourist attractions

Falkirk is trying hard to market itself as a tourist attraction. The Falkirk Wheel is the main attraction for tourists in Falkirk . Callendar House is also an interesting place to visit . The Helix is the next big Falkirk tourist attractions
Today is Mega Monday according to Visa, which says people across the UK will use its credit cards to spend £222,222 per minute, making 4,722 transactions every 60 seconds – an increase of more than 20% on last year.

In keeping with the annual trend, Mega Monday falls on the first Monday in December when consumers are spurred on by payday falling on the last Friday in November.

Having earmarked their favourite items in-store over the weekend, shoppers log on typically after dark. The busiest time online is between 20:00 and 21:00.

Online specialists like have been gearing up for Mega Monday
But not everyone finds it necessarily the best way to do their shopping.

Outside the very physical presence of a supermarket, there are different opinions about online shopping.

“I’d actually rather go and touch it and see it, to be honest, rather than go online,” says one woman.

Another says she does about half her shopping online. “Convenience,” she adds, “and it’s easier to compare prices. If it’s something expensive I’d go and look at it at the shop first and then buy it online at the best price.”